About Us

Magic Cordel was born from the need to raise funds for SOS EB kids, an organization that works to alleviate the suffering of Brazilian kids with Epidermolysis Bullosa. People with this painful disease need constant access to medicines, gauze and creams that help to ease the pain and infections caused by the wounds.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the amount of health supplies they send to treat their children has decreased dramatically, leaving children vulnerable to serious infections.


Our Mission

Our mission is to generate opportunity and social inclusion through our sales channels that go beyond awareness campaigns.


Magic Cordel idea is to work as a fund-raising campaign and spread awareness by collaborating with artists and creators that want to donate their arts to create beautiful t-shirt and other items and the profits reverted to the organizations we deeply care about.

Our very first collection was named SOS EB KIDS LOVE RESPONSE. In partnership with designer Júlia de Lucena we developed the first mockups of what became the first fashion line by SOS EB KIDS.


Our goal is to create awareness through fashion campaigns, where resources are directed to non-profit institutions. Education, Social inclusion and child health are our flags.